How to Avoid Creating Strawberry Sprite Slides

Have you seen the new soda fountains? The ones with the touchscreen that let you mix all kinds of syrups with something like a gazillion possible flavor combinations? I remember when I first saw those fountains thinking they were really cool. Unlimited options! But after trying them out a few times, I quickly realized something […]

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Paperman is the animated short that was released by Walt Disney Animation along with Wreck-It Ralph last year. It was released for free on YouTube just a few days ago. The cute and touching short is beautiful and features a brand new animation process which is a hybrid of traditional hand-drawn animation techniques and modern […]

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artCircles: Take some art for a spin, a leading art and decor service, recently released their first iPad app, artCircles. The app was designed by Hot Studio. The app is a lot of fun to play with. You can browse all kinds of artwork by color, by keyword, or by collections curated by some of today’s leading creatives from artists to […]

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Duarte Announces Diagrammer: 4000 diagrams for $0.99 each

Yesterday, Duarte Design released a new service called Diagrammer. Like a stock photo site for PowerPoint diagrams, Diagrammer offers respite from the uninspiring diagram templates included in PowerPoint. Visit the site to watch a short video celebrity news explaining the service. Those familiar with Slideology will recognize the (somewhat altered) diagram categories: Flow, Network, Stack, Segment, and […]

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Incredible new teaching tool for iPad

I’ve been playing around with a new iPad app for a few days and just have to tell you about it. It’s one of the most fun tools for teaching digitally that I’ve come across. Watch the video above to see a little of what it can do. (By the way, I’m working on getting […]

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