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Announcing Advance Your Slides TV

Today is a big day! I finally get to share a project I’ve been working on for months! I can hardly contain myself. Introducing Advance Your Slides TV! AYS TV is gonna be a weekly video series in which I’ll share the way I design presentations. Just me, sharing what I know about how to […]

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We just hate watching boring things.

TV commercial producers have it pretty tough these days. They spend millions upon millions of dollars to create a commercial then millions more to buy time from a network only to have their messages skipped by viewers armed with DVRs. The answer is simple, right? Commercials are dead. The cheese has moved. Time to give […]

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2013 Target Back to School Ads

I’ve been loving these new ads from Target. They’re simple, yet so fun and entertaining. I think they show how attention to every detail can lead to a very strong emotional connection and delight in a very short amount of time. The recorder renditions of pop songs parents will recognize is a brilliant touch. Creating […]

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How to Get Creative People to Do Their Best Work

A recent episode of the Happy Monday Podcast featured a conversation between the show’s two hosts. The first host talked about how she was recently able to get some carpenters to build a beautifully finished installation in her new boutique. She commented on how the piece was better than anything she could have hoped for […]

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4 Lessons on Developing Content from a Canadian Astronaut

You’ve probably already seen Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield’s cover of David Bowie’s Space Oddity or one of his many other videos from the International Space Station. (If you haven’t, take a few minutes to latest celebrity news watch a couple of them now.) Commander Hadfield’s clearly an extraordinary guy. But aren’t most of the other astronauts extraordinary, too? […]

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