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Weird Al’s Latest Video Highlights Everything That’s Wrong with Modern Business Communication

You know you have a problem when your business starts to sound like a Weird Al song. A few weeks ago, Weird Al released his latest album, Mandatory Fun, which reached number one on the Billboard charts, becoming the first of his albums to do this in a career that has spanned multiple decades. One […]

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Ditch the Defaults

It’s easy to believe that the default layouts, color palettes, and clipart in your slideware of choice will result in well-designed slide masterpieces. Unfortunately, the ubiquity of PowerPoint is also its downfall. We all see those same title-bullets-and-clipart layouts and stick figure graphics every time we open PowerPoint or sit down in a weekly meeting. […]

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Weekend Update

I’m afraid I have to apologize for the lack of video again this week. June is my busiest month because of the users conference the company I work for puts on every year and I’m still getting back to normal following that. Part of the reason I’m behind, though, is because I’m preparing to add […]

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The Secret to More Sales? Stop Talking.

“Sales is not a matter of you getting through your presentation. Sales is a matter of you making a connection.” Chris Hogan of Dave Ramsey’s Entreleadership team reminds us to keep things in perspective. As much as we love presentations, they’re not the end game.

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Bill Watterson Returns!

You may have already seen it but Bill Watterson returned to the comics page this week for a brief collaboration with ‘Pearls Before Swine’ artist Stephan Pastis. I’ve written before about what a master Mr. Watterson is when it comes to layouts, so it’s exciting to see him return to the comics page in such […]

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