End Bad PowerPoint


Advance Your Slides has gone through various iterations, but at its heart is one goal: End Bad PowerPoint.

Bad presentations are all around us. Bad templates catering to lots of bullets, lots of words, tiny clip art. Too often our presentations actually prevent us from communicating.

But there’s a different way.

Different, infinitely better, and just as easy, if not easier. It just takes resetting the way you think about things.

Which is where Advance Your Slides comes in. Through this blog, I want help you get better at presenting, from content to design to delivery. I explain the basic principles of slide design, write book reviews, offer up tips and tricks, and gather the best of the best of slide design content from around the Web.

About Me

Hi, I’m Nick, the author and designer at Advance Your Slides. I spent years fearing public speaking and also thinking I was more of a math and science guy. During this time I too created some Bad PowerPoint.

During the first few years of my professional career, I quickly realized that I was actually drawn to design, particularly to slide design. I spent those years teaching myself the basics of design, though you could really say I’m DuarteReynolds-taught.

I’m now a full-time Senior Graphic Designer for a software company in Huntsville, AL. I blog here at Advance Your Slides, aiming to write what I would have liked to read when I was starting out, and I also offer freelance design services.

Where To Go From Here

Interested in my services as a presentation designer? Have suggestion or question about my blog? Contact me!

New to presentation design? Get started by reading these posts:

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To learn more about me and my work, you can check out some samples of my work, or get in touch.