The Perfect Time to Hire a Designer

My wife, Erin, does an excellent job decorating our home. She has a well-honed sense of style and much of the time when she goes shopping for decor she knows exactly what will work and what won’t when she sees it. Occasionally though she needs a little help.

On one particular shopping trip she had a particular space she was looking to fill on our mantle, right in front of a colorful piece of wall art. She just wasn’t having any luck finding anything, so she asked one of the store stylists for help. My wife described the space and showed the designer a picture of the painting. Just a few moments later the stylist had carefully plucked a few items from different parts of the store. The disparate items didn’t match, but they worked together very well. Individually, the items were not pieces my wife would probably have chosen on her own. But seeing them together she was delighted with the result and couldn’t wait to purchase them and bring them home.

My wife, who is usually a marvelous decorator on her own, had been stumped. Rather than feeling ashamed that she couldn’t figure this out on her own, she had the courage to ask an expert for help. And the results of that collaboration turned out to be better than what she would probably have come up with all alone.

Sometimes your vision will celebrity news be clear and all you need is someone to help you execute it. This is the perfect time to hire a designer.

But an equally perfect time to hire one is before the idea has come into focus.

It’s nice to work on things when the path is clear. But some of the best (and most unexpected) results come when great ideas are developed and refined through collaboration.